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Wondering how to proceed with my web application

I don't want to go too deep into the detail because what it actually does is very specific to the lab. There is a lot of data I'm wanting to collect, select, connect and commit to a database. Which is very bog-standard for my web work.

Thing is, it is a lot of state that I want to put together, and I hate putting together lots of state iteratively via repeated web inputs, because each time you go back to the server, you increase time and annoyance and the potential for catastrophe. So, I really want this to be an AJAX-lead mostly-javascript thing.

You want to know the absolute coolest thing about coding Javascript? You can put it all together via Javascript.  You can have a page that looks like <body></body> and have absolute control over everything on that page. It is true that, when you do that, this means that people who run without Javascript get absolutely nothing, and this is a problem, but there are times when you can create something in HTML with some small Javascript additions that are not necessary, and there are times when putting it together in Javascript is the whole of the point and re-implementing in HTML and CGI are just in the way.


We are experimenting with MVC frameworks, very specifically Dancer. We've seen and done enough with Dancer to decide that this is the way we want to go with new web development. In a way, I'm pushed, but in another way, I see this as accepting the change of technology. I don't want my skills to be rooted in the early 90s more than they already are. So, I for one welcome the new MVC overlords. But I'm seeing a Template Toolkit page that says <body> <!-- Insert Cool Stuff Here --> </body> which kinda obviates the purpose of making it dynamic like that in the first place.

Right now, I'm thinking through the data, deciding on the right way to make and modify the database tables to get at it, and mocking up what I want it to look like in straight HTML, but I am getting close to the point where I have to make that decision, and the way isn't clear to me.