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Making the RCA Media Player Usable
This is an RCA Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player. I got it when I got a Sony HDTV for the bedroom.

I have two comments on that purchase:

The remote for this RCA player is utter crap. And two HDMI ports will not be enough.

Tekzilla has pointed me to the solution to the second problem. You can now get HDMI switches that auto-switch, which means, for example, you have the cable box on port 1, the Blu-Ray player on 2 and the RCA Faux-ku on 3. You generally keep the DVR-having cable box on and the other two off, so, when you turn on the Blu-Ray, it auto-switches to that, and switches back when done. I need one. But that's not the point today.

The point today is that the remote for the RCA Streaming Media Player is crap. And the button battery it comes with is weak. But, thankfully for me, I can program my Logitech Harmony 200 remote to talk to it. And, while it is not the best of the Harmony line — I got the low-powered one as a test and preview for the bedroom before I got a better one for the living room — it is quite a lot better than the one that came with.

Honestly, I wish I had gone with a Roku, but I didn't. I'm reasonably happy with the unit (Pandora and Netflix work fine, Hulu less so). But the first issue with this device is now rectified.

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