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Big Three for Sept 10-15

  • TEDx - I have an idea for replacing the scroller images (which make Purdue look like a concentration camp) with images (and links to the associated videos) from last year's event. Also, seeing if we can do PHP on the server.
  • FFH, or Just For Me - develop a small web app using something like Google Places and the HTML5 Location API to tell me what restaurants are close. 
  • Self - When I found that my tendons are weird, leading to flat feet and bunions and foot pain, I stopped running (except for a 5K, which I mostly walked). I half-heartedly decided that I would do five push-ups and five sit-ups every day. The push-ups stopped after the first day -- low upper-body strength meets 240+ weight -- and after doing MWF last week, I could feel the muscles aching for days after. So, I think I'll go with MWF. Which means I have to remember to do some sit-ups when I get home today. 
Additional to-do: Remember to get this done on Friday. I was in a weird mood for no good reason that day.

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