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Mood and Quantified Self

From what little I've done with Quantified Self, I know that the more it takes from you, the less likely that it'll get done.

  • FitBit: I wear it, it keeps track. I've worn it most days since I got it, and have numbers to go along
  • Run tracking software on my phone: I start it up after I start my music but before I run, and I have maps and times and per-mile lap times for each one. I use the free version of endomondo.
  • Weight: I roll my own, where I weigh myself on the way to the shower and enter the weight after. I get most days, but don't get all.
  • Weight training: A while ago, I was a member of a local gym, where I would do some cardio (treadmill, elliptical) and some weights. We had a piece of paper on a clipboard to write down what we're doing. I never digitized the data, never tracked progress, eventually stopped tracking and soon after stopped going.
Interaxon does "Thought Controlled Computing" and specifically goes to the Muse, which monitors your brain waves like a FitBit monitors your steps. Like most things, you don't know if this works until you unbox it yourself, but I am excited at the thought of this, as are the folks at KurzweilAI

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