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Social Media and Me

Facebook: I tend to keep that friends-and-family, which means, if you're one of my Facebook friends, you are more than likely someone I have met face-to-face. Because of this, things that I post there, I am unlikely to post elsewhere, and vice versa. My friends and family have very little interest in the totality of my interests.

Google Plus: By and large, this is where I post my geekery, and where I follow my geekery. My go-to groups are:

  • Purdue, which is filled with IT/programming people in the Purdue area
  • Android, which is filled with people developing or reviewing apps written for Android
  • Arduino, which is filled with people developing things based around Arduino
  • Lafayette Tech Labs, which is filled with people who go to Lafayette Tech Labs, which is an attempt to create a hackerspace in Greater Lafayette, and has much overlap with the above
I use a script I wrote called Plus2RSS to export my public posts (which is most of my posts) to ...

Twitter: The core. For just about anything I post, anywhere but Facebook, it ends up on Twitter. I could use Buffer to focus it all in Twitter "Prime Time" (10am-4pm local time) but I won't. I'm vaguely open to having a real-me feed and an automated, copy-from-blogs and such feed.

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