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My Body Plans For 2014: March and April, plus Status Report

First, my status report:


The darker, the more cups recorded. I drank coffee on weekends. I often had more than 1 cup. I sometimes had more than two cups. I didn't drink it late, but I drank more of it. I consider this sort of a fail.

Weights: In February, I participated in a month-long triathlon. I rode lots of bike. I swam miles like it ain't no thang. I did not lift much. So, right now, I'm struggling to throw around the 20lb dumbbells, much less throw more reps of the 25lb dumbbells. But I did get the t-shirt.

Feet: I've started to wear my inserts again. I haven't developed a the series of range-of-motion exercises, much less committed to doing them daily. I have been walking a lot, which means I've been getting the activity without so much the stomping on my ankles.
Blue: max/week. Green: min/week. Orange: avg/week. Yellow: AHA goal of 10,000 steps.  Purple: Personal goal of 6000 steps.

Tools: I wrote a tool, more working against MongoDB than anything else, that checks and stores my steps per day from FitBit, and tell me if I haven't been taking more than 100 steps per hour.

Weight: I have made a new all-time-low weight, 208 lbs, but that was when I was out sick. Otherwise, I'm seeing a winter-month plateau. So, while I am not where I want to be, and see more jiggle than I want to see, I am not depressed about my progress.

Endurance: By the rules of the month-long triathlon, all steps counted and I knew that, by my normal walking, I could easily handle the distance. I have been doing other endurance exercises, but I haven't been doing anything to push myself in walking into running.

I think I have been consistent with my goals but not so much my plans. I think I haven't been doing it as good as I could, but I've been OK.

In part, I think I don't push myself nearly enough when I'm walking, so I'm starting back to the treadmill, and while the action will continue to be "walk on the treadmill until I hit my 10,000 steps" when I show up, I'll start trying to push the speed and elevation to keep my heart rate raised.

I have a pointer to a weather API to make the "Bike Today, Dag-nabbit!" tool.

That's enough for now.

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