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The Graphics Interchange Format in Conversation

  • For me, it's a solved issue. When the inventor of a thing says it's pronounced a way, I give that weight.


  • For me, it's a shibboleth. I have been involved in web development since 1996, and if you pronounce it "Gif" instead of "Jif", that's a sure sign that you're a noob. There's nothing wrong with being a noob, but there's certainly nothing right.
  • For me, it's also not a big thing. If you pronounce it the "wrong" way in a conversation with me, I won't correct you or start an argument about it. Starting an argument over things that don't matter, is dickery.

    Continuing one
    , on the other hand, isn't so bad.
  • The "It's not gramatical" argument cuts no ice with me. Saying the G has to be a hard G will always have me wondering how you'd pronounce "a German Giraffe", and while you say "But it comes from graphical so it must be a hard G", I flash to Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol, notice that "Citizens On Patrol" acronyms to COPs, and wonder if you would have me pronounce it "sops".
  • Yeah, I know going back to a Police Lobotomy movie as an argument is not too strong, but my mind has better things to do than develop and parse through a list of acronyms. Believe me, I've tried, and my mind has said "Let's watch YouTube videos. We could browse the web for pictures of smiling dogs. We could consider why your SQL tables are stupid. We could think about Steve Gutenberg movies. Really, anything but the acronym list thing." 

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