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Being Open, Being Wrong, Being Corrected, Being Smarter: Response about MongoDB

Just heard a podcast from Developer Tea where Ben Lesh of Netflix explain how he likes it when he makes mistakes, because then he learns, and we should always be learning. (I listened to it when driving, so I didn't write down the quote, and I'm not sure if it's in part 1 or part 2 of the interview.)

Yesterday, I posted on issues I had with MongoDB and Perl. I had done what I had wanted before, I was sure, but my code no longer reflected it, and Shub-Internet was not responding with the answers I desired. If you don't recall:

# This worked to get one value:
my $find_one = $collection->find_one( { date => $today }) ;

# but if I wanted the whole thing, this didn't work:
my $find = $collection->find ;

As it turns out, there's a specific piece of information I did not find, but David Golden of MongoDB set me straight.

# but if I wanted the whole thing, this didn't work:
my $find = $collection->find ;
my @all = $find->all ;
# and in the case I'd want:
my %all =
    map { $_->{ date } => $_ } #map, grep and sort are all-powerful
    $find->all ;
say Dumper \%all ;

This is great. Wonderful, even. I had a failure in understanding, I was open about it, I was corrected, and now I am a better programmer for it.

I do sorta wish I had given Stack Overflow a deeper search first, though....

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