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Having an issue with MongoDB and Perl

I've learned to love SQL. At first I had lots of functions that did SELECT * FROM table, then I would put everything together at the last moment, with big slow programs. Slowly but surely, I found myself trusting my tools more and more, writing more and more complex SQL queries to give me exactly what I needed, in as close to the right form as I could.

Now that I have some level of expertise with SQL, we have it as a core of our infrastructure at work, so any experimenting with NoSQL databases. It's mostly for my toy bits and administrivia, not really holding any real data, but I am keeping my current FitBit step count in it.

I am currently finding that I can find_one() all I want, but I can't find(). I am sure I used to. I'm also sure that I'm doing something stupid, not the MongoDB Perl module, but I can't tell what I'm doing wrong.


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