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Fixing an old logic issue

I am not especially proud of the code below.
It does it's job. Give it a request and a number of accessions and the names you want them to go by, and it changes them in the database.


Accessions are defined as zero-padded six-digit numbers, so instead of 99999, you'd have 099999. If you're strict, everything's fine.

But user's are not always strict. Sometimes they just put in 99999, expecting it to just work.

Oh, if only it were that easy.

I have requests here for the purpose of ensuring that for request 09999, you can only change accessions associated with that request. This is what lines 27-29 are for, to get the set of accessions that are entered by the user and one of the given request's accessions.

Yes, requests are defined as zero-padded five-digit numbers.

If I don't zero-pad the accessions, I get nothing in @accessions.

But if I do zero pad, I get no library name from $param->{ $acc }.

There is a fix for it. I could go back to the source and ensure that this sees no un-padded numbers. I could run through the $param hashref again, But clearly, this is something I should've built in at first.

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