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Head-to-Head Web Scraping with Perl: Mojo::DOM vs Web::Query

In the last meeting of Purdue Perl Mongers, Joe Kline mentioned Sawyer X's YAPC::NA talk on Modern Web Scraping, where he talked about Web::Query, which uses CSS selectors, compared to the XPath selectors he uses for his own web scraping.

I had just written and posted code where I used Mojo::DOM to scrape YouTube. So decided to do a head-to-head parsing of the same corpus.

And found that, except for wq($file) and Mojo::DOM->new($file), the code is identical.

Seriously, only a small string that says it's using Web::Query or Mojo::DOM that's different.

In running, Mojo::DOM is a little bit faster, though.

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