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Long, Boring To-Do Post

I'm considering stepping up my web presence, and as a precursor to that, I've created a twitter account specifically connected to this blog, @varlogrant. So, I need to do things to make it look more like I'm using it and less like it's an egg. (If I made the account picture the cover of that one Wilco album, would people get the joke?)

I certainly can automate a lot of stuff, going through the back catalog and retweeting old posts, but the question is, how much of that is just spammy? And, to what extent should I move my opinionated tech tweeting from @jacobydave to @varlogrant?

Beyond that, it strikes me that blogs where the blogger is more-or-less talking to himself are self-limiting, so I should start blogging more about certain subjects and less about things that are annoying me right this minute. 

That being said:
  • I am involved in a group creating an annual event. Specifically, I'm the web guy. There are some administrivia things going on, creating the pages for the team. This is a small matter of Wordpress time, so not hard. 
  • A harder thing is this: We have photos of previous presenters, which were existing head-shots of them, from before their presentations. We also have a large library of photos from the events. I've decided that the smart move is to use Flickr's API and WebService::Simple to grab all the old photos, use smartcrop.js to crop them to the appropriate size, and either personally chose a good one or make a web tool to crowdsource that amongst the group. This process seems more fun to me than the other thing.
  • I promised a while ago to contribute some R-specific stuff to Bobby Tables, and have done jack since. I made some progress on it recently, but need to install a more modern version of R to do appropriate testing before I make a PR. When I first looked into it, I saw no SQL escaping and no placeholders, but now I'm seeing some progress. Nothing's quite up to snuff, in my opinion, but it's better. 
  • A side project I'm involved in has need of Bluetooth Low Energy support, and I've done the slightest poking with it. I need to do more. It seems that a few necessary tools for debugging are Unix/Linux/Mac only, and my dev laptop is Windows, so I need to either get going with VirtualBox, figure things out in Visual Studio or let it go.
  • There's also need for a smartphone app, and my experiences with Eclipse and Android Studio haven't been pleasant. I know there's Cordova integration with Visual Studio, so that seems to be the quick way in. I don't know if I can do any BLE stuff within a Cordova app, but we'll get there when we get there.
  • There's another side project I'm involved in, called Lafayettech. Specifically, I'm in the proto-makerspace corner, Lafayettech Labs. And it seems like I'm the only one involved in it. So, I am thinking of stopping. Right now, there's a few self-perpetuating scripts in a crontab file that do much of the work. I need to decide something about this.
There's a few more things that should be here, but I don't have together enough to even make a lame bullet point for.

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