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Overkill II: The Quickening

Previously on /var/log/rant, I talked about using recursion to brute-force a middle-school math problem. Because I learned a little bit about using Xeon Phi co-processor (the part formerly called video cards), I thought I'd try C++. And found that, while the Perl version ran for about a minute and a half, the C++ version took about a second and a half.

I then tried a Python version, using the same workflow as with the C++. I backed off on the clever for the testing because I am not as sure about using multidimensional arrays in C++ and Python as I am in Perl. When you only code in a language about once every 15 years, you begin to forget the finer points.

Anyway. the code follows. I don't believe I'm doing a particularly stupid thing with my Perl here, but it's hard to ID particularly stupid things in languages sometimes. Here's the code, now with your USDA requirement of Node.js.

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