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Purdue Perl Mongers - April 13 - "Starship Mongers"

I wrote a quick five-minute counter in Javascript just for this
I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I'm one of the core members of Purdue Perl Mongers, which I've wrangled into a SIG of Greater Lafayette Open Source Symposium (#GLOSSY) to try to reach out to others in the Open Source community.

I was going to talk about DBIx::Class and how it connects to Dancer, but I haven't learned nearly enough about DBIx::Class to talk about it, and didn't have enough open days to come up with a decent presentation, so I punted.

Thus Starship Mongers!

It's a variation on "Lightning Talks", which give speakers a strict five-minute window, but because we're a small group, I decided to add a wrinkle: "Everybody Talks! No one quits!"

(The next part of the quote seems a little too tough for a user group.)

This means that I intend that everyone should talk for five minutes on something. Doesn't have to be Perl. Doesn't have to be programming, or computing, or open source. Just has to be something you are interested in or have questions about. (But, remember your audience.)

I hope that this will charge up the group, bring up ideas for upcoming meetings. If nothing else, it'll give me time to get up to speed on DBIC.

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