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Taking the Great Leap Forward with Dancer2

I am working on understanding a raft of technologies, including Dancer and Bootstrap, in order to make our web presence look more current and, more importantly, be more maintainable. 

I'm learning a lot, which is not the positive statement that it sounds like. Rip Van Winkle certainly learned a lot after he slept for twenty years and woke up in post-Revolution America. 

For most of my time as a web developer, when I needed to do authentication, I did it with Apache's built-in server authentication. The number of users I needed to handle was always small enough, and except for a few things where it was entirely for me, I was not the person in charge of creating and maintaining the password system.

I know and believe in a few points. I know that I as admin of a system should not have access to the plain-text passwords of the users. I know that it is common to have two password fields when creating/changing passwords, to ensure you have the right spelling. I'm not 100% bought into that one, but I understand it. I know you keep an email address for "Forgot Password" systems can use your email system as a factor to ensure you're authorized to change that password. And I know you should use encryption systems created by experts, rather than roll your own and create a system that's full of holes. 

I've been using Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible, trying to get the parts I'd want for a generic system before working on things that I'd want for the lab, and there's much I'm comfortable with. I can get people logged in. I can set roles and limit access to users with specific roles. I can store the date of the last login, which might be useful. And it's all backed by MySQL, which means that, even without an admin dashboard, I have the skills to change anything about a user profile that needs changing.

But we don't want that. We want the techs and the users to have the ability to set values for the user, if for no other reason than I want to be able to move on to other things. So I need to figure out, as a standard, how these things go together, so I can try to implement it. I have things that I'm getting together. I do have questions, though.
  • Clearly, lots consider the repeat-your-password thing as an important part of the password workflow, and clearly, this is a check that I need to at least be able to do. I'm seeing a huge task-duplication thing, because you want to be able to say "passwords don't match" on the client side before the user presses go, but you always want to check things on the server side before you click "submit", because the user might block Javascript. Is this something that Bootstrap can help with? Or will I have to write something like that? I'm willing and able, but with the layout stuff and the way of the future encouraging us to have CSS and JS that's combined and minified and gzipped and included on every page, I'd like to have that taken care of automatically by the framework than go custom.
  • It's not immediately clear in the docs how to enable password encryption. I do need to read that more. (Solved. It was in the docs. I need to read the docs.)
  • I'm hitting the concept of roles and finding that they'd make certain things very useful. I'd like to be able to handle things like unix groups instead, but as is, they allow certain things that will make the end result a lot easier.

    I found, however, that, while the tools to check and control access due to roles are solid, setting and removing roles is less so. I asked the Dancer2 IRC about it, and was told to make a Github issue. I did, and then I wrote something that, within context of my tooling, adds add_user_role and remove_user_role functions. So I have that covered and can move forward.
There's more than this. I could see us wanting a website that has static, CGI and Dancer2 paths, although I think that, when I wake up with a start at 3am, bathed in sweat with a racing heartbeat, this thought is what I was dreaming about. But I'll wait for a while before I have to worry about that.

And, with a parting shot from @perigrin.

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