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Discuss Wireless Monitors ...

IdeaStorm, a Dell website, is talking about the wireless monitors.

I've seen them advertised, but as a gizmo that plugs into your VGA cable slot and another to the outbound cable from your monitor. Get a wireless monitor, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and you could be many yards from your main PC. Which sucks if you need to plug in your thumbdrive, it being across the room and all. Which, I guess, is a good reason to have Bluetooth.

Consider, instead, having a Citrix connection or Remote Desktop to a desktop machine from a laptop. Except, it's all the desktop and none the laptop. There, it almost sounds appealing.

Until you think about it.

The further you get from the desktop, the worse the performance gets. A wireless desktop (keyboard and mouse) comes in about $100, and a netbook comes in around $300. Having a machine that looks like a netbook, costs like a netbook but isn't a netbook and can't be ported like a netbook? That dog don't hunt.

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