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Reconsidering a Point...

This is a callback on the post on "wireless monitors".

Consider a netbook with a current-generation SSD drive. 6-8 gigabytes. Sure, years ago that was positively massive, but today, that's next to nothing. But, something that small would be a great candidate for your remote desktop scheme of choice. One thing I've discovered about Remote Desktops in the Windows world, one clear benefit over X forwarding in Unix, is that you forward sound as well as graphics. (Mark your calendars, folks, because you won't get such a clear comment favoring Windows again any time soon.)

So, for $300, you get your self an 8" monitor that you can take with you. I've been a Palm guy long enough, even with that time being past, to be soured on the concept of a device being a metaphorical prehensile tail to the desktop system.

Laptop sales have leaped above desktops in sales recently, and I see that trend going on. I'm not seeing why you'd keep a desktop if you had a sufficient laptop.

But there must be something to this idea, or else I'd let go of it.

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