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Reading the Documentation ....

My boss has a flatbed scanner he wants to work. An HP ScanJet 3670.

I tell you the model number so that you too can do what I have done, which is look up the XSane compatability list. You will find that the 3670 is explicitly listed as not working with XSane, which means ito be non-Linux-compliant.

So, my boss suggests I dual-boot the thing. And my other boss — Boss1 can hire and fire me, but Boss2 controls the hardware I deal with on a day-to-day basis — suggests I try VirtualBox, running XP in a virtual machine under Ubuntu. I'm happy to do this, as I would much rather have most of the user software running on Linux than Windows. That's the kind of guy I am.

This process is complicated by the Thanksgiving weekend, which means that all the people I need for getting XP install media (to run in the VirtualBox) are on vacation just when I need to do it. So, finally, I get my hands on install media, get everything running, and guess what!?!

VirtualBox OSE, the open source edition, has no USB support. None. None at all.

This makes me frown.

Want to know what made me smile?

The VirtualBox License.

You can use VirtualBox, the closed, feature-rich version, if you are
  1. Using it just for yourself
  2. Evaluating it for your company, or
  3. Part of an academic institution

Like, for example, a research lab of a large land-grand university!

So, a little apt-get here and there and I have the real VirtualBox running.

Now I just have to convince the ScanJet to talk nice. I could still be setting up a dual-boot yet.

ETA: Adding this to your /etc/fstab and restarting helped a lot, too.

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=[GUID of vboxusers],devmode=0666 0 0

Assuming you add your users into that group. Thank you, noorez!

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