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jQuery Madness

I have a foo.

For every foo, I have one or more bar.

Each bar has one or more blee.

Each blee has one or more quuz.

I can get the list of all foos via AJAX, in convenient JSON form. By passing up my foo, I can get a list of all bars associated with said foo. By passing up my bar, I can get a list of all blees associated with said bar. And so on with quuz. With Perl and DBI and JSON, this is relatively easy to do.

Now, I have a web interface for all this, with select dropdowns. When you choose a foo, all the current bar, blee and quuz selects are emptied and refilled.

I start out with a empty position for foos and blank bars and blees, one with no value. When I choose a foo, it gets the bar and fills that select, with the empty position selected. Well, the boss wants it so, if you choose a foo, the top bar is brought up, the top blee of the top bar is brought up, and the top quuz of the top blee is brought up. Thing is, by the time that we're trying to load blee, quuz might've already been starting.

It's the timing of the deal that I think is the problem.