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Networking Fun

What we have here are two browsers running of a local machine (XP, but that's not important right now), and one X-forwarded from my home, all trying to get to

At work, I cannot go to or At home, I can.

If I can route to home, and home can route to, I should be able to route to And I don't know why I can't.


  1. 1. install proxy server at home (squid)
    2. forward it's port via ssh to work
    3. configure your browsers to use this proxy via forwarded port
    4. PROFIT!

  2. Well, yeah.

    Except, by having a campus IP address, I get to use certain tools. Right off, I can read most O'Reillys online via Safari and my campus library.

    But of course, mostly it's cpan I need to work, so using proxy for that shouldn't be a problem with other things.

    There might be something to that, but it still makes no sense.