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Sour Milk

A co-worker has an HP xw8000 for a workstation. It runs XP, and if you leave XP going, it starts getting slower and such, so she rebooted it.

And it wouldn't start.

That's the beep she got. This is where I came in. I moved it, opened the case, unplugged it, made sure all the cards were in tight — the last time there was a problem with this box, it was a loose video card — and began to check the beep code index.

There's no entry for no beeps.

What am I supposed to do for no beeps? "Hey, guys? I have a problem, so I won't start. No, I won't tell you what the problem is."

So, I told the other tech guy.

He unplugged it and waited until the green light on the power supply went out. I am sure that happened in my picking up and moving, too. Then he plugged it in and started it.

And it started.

The co-worker wanted to know what the problem was, what she did to upset the silicon god on her desktop.

For the life of me, I can't understand what the problem was, much less explain it to someone else. Although, I think I have a start.

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