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The Internet of Things? The Semantic Web?

I have a dream.

I dream of a lamp. A lamp using LEDs. A lamp that changes color, depending on the ambient temperature outdoors. If the weather outside is frightful, the lamp indoors is blue-to-purple. If Summer's here and the time is right, the light is yellow, orange or even red.

This dream is in part inspired by my workplace in the subbasement of my building. I can very easily forget the season, even, when I'm head-down into my work, so any reminder of the conditions outisde would be good.

This is an example of what was called Ubiquitous Computing or Pervasive Computing, depending on who generated the buzzword. In essence, the data is everywhere around you, not just on your PC.

The thing that's really keeping me from realizing this dream is a lack of electronics skill.

But that's a smaller thing today.

There's a thing called an Arduino, which is an Open Source bit of hardware that begins to open up the world of programming small things. I'm fairly sure I could, given an Arduino and a breadboard, begin to dummy this up.

This kinda gets me to categorization issues. Does this concept, an internet-aware fixture that determines the shade by the weather report fall under the Semantic Web? Or is it more tightly connected to the Internet of Things concept? Or is it a bit of both, like a Reese's cup?

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