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New-To-Us TiVo, New-To-Us GPS

We have a TiVo. Finally. Yeah, I know we're ... a decade past the curve here? Something like that. I have to add that the TiVo+satellite box sucks because that means only one tuner, which means you cannot record this and watch that. But I have to say, the folks who say that the user interface to TiVo is a cut above? They have something there.

What sucks outright is the IR blasters. Well, they're OK, except there's no feedback loop. It would be far better to have the TiVo be the satellite box. I understand the HDMI interconnections of the Google TV box (of which there's really only the Logitech Revue, last I checked) have bi-directional communication, and that's what you really want.

It's a bit funny, though. We have a PC running Boxee and a Wii that does good Netflix. So far, we're widely distributed. I want a newer, faster PC for Boxee (and other duties, like home file+print server), and with the TiVo we now have access to Amazon On Demand. (Not like we've used it yet. We're still a Red Box family, and spinning discs of optical media at DVD quality is definitely a trailing-edge technology, no matter the shiny red vending machine.)

For Christmas, my father gave me his old TomTom. I have always wanted a stand-alone GPS, but not really for car use. Well, yes and no. I want a list of discrete lat&long coordinates I can map. I'm sure I can have that with the Evo phone, but I haven't really dived into that. Anyway, the point at this juncture is that I have a phone with a navigation feature, my wife had a phone with a navigation feature, and 2 of 3 sons had phones with navigation features. I thought "Hey, I'll never use this".

There are two reasons I've started to. First is the mount. I can mount the TomTom to the window and keep it in a good position. I don't have a good cellphone mount for the Evo. I love having the rolling map and the speedometer even when I don't have a destination set.

The second is duplication. I can have my phone set to do phone things, or provide audio, or even just on my belt as it should, and not worry about it forgetting my destination. Don't know how I'll really integrate it into my driving, though.

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