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We Live In The Future Redux

I have my trusty netbook on my lap. In one of my USB ports, I have a thumbdrive with the Ubuntu Netbook Live CD on it. I'm installing Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 right now. But not on my netbook's SSD. I'm installing it on an 8GB SD card.

I remember getting hard drives smaller than that. Storage-wise, I mean. Physically, they were the size of today's DVD drives. I'm sure that the performance of an SD card will bed poor compared to an SSD card, but a second face for $20 is kinda cool. Dual-boot on the cheap. My friend Patrick put Ubuntu on a thumbdrive so he could have "GoodOS" on his work laptop. I wanted to have something that wouldn't hang out too much. I don't use my SD slot often, so keeping it there works for me.

It's still configuring, so I can't say much. But such powerful and modular hardware is neat.

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