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Why I Hate Ruby

I'm taking the Software Engineering for SaaS course through Coursera, and that course is teaching Ruby.

Including the OOPier and LISPier parts. And I don't think like that.

Perl programmers should know $_. Consider $x = my_subroutine(). We see where the return value goes here, it goes to $x. Now, consider my_subroutine(). You know there's a return value. Now, where does it go? It goes into $_. Which means you can follow my_subroutine(); with print ; with no problem, because the first line drops it into $_ and the second line picks it up. New Perl programmers get infuriated by that magic until they understand it.

Ruby has a lot of magic. I understand very little of it.

This is making me cross. And it will make me cross until I start to understand the wizardry of it.