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Quantified Self on C-Span

Well, yes and no.

I am currently watching Eric Topol talking about his book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, on Book TV. I put it on my DVR this weekend. I can't say I'm too impressed by his delivery, but the message is really powerful. I can drop a tl;dr, but you owe it to yourself to get into the video. He ties QS (naming the tools, but not so much the movement) with social networking and gene sequencing into all the changes that are transforming medicine. Really brilliant stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, that guy basically comes off as a digital jackass. "oh you're not on twitter, or g+, or read all your books on an ereader, I guess I'm hanging with the luddites." Yeah, they have your book and you disrespect them. Good idea.

    Plus he seems to be spouting a lot of "stuff I read I the last week off or twitter."

    "People aren't trusting their doctor but they are trusting their facebook/youtube 'friends'".

    God what a pompous dude.

    Like you said, good ideas but damn I just wanted him to shut up and let someone else read his slides.

    Definitely not interested in his book.