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Request for Assistance: R Graphing Script for my QS project

Here is the R source for my QS weight graph. I get the data in Perl, run it through Template Toolkit, and run it out through here.
It is my code. I like my code. But I know it could be better, even without doing the database query in the R, which I believe it can do.

Here are the things I want to be able to do:

  • I should have dates corresponding to the points. I have the data. I should put them in.
  • Because I take measurements in the morning when I get myself together, I do not always remember to weigh or upload my weight. I want the graph to show this.
  • I also know how many data points are averaged to make the red line. I want to overlay that over the graph, to show the quality of each rolling average point.
Suggestions and patches are accepted. I should say I want to do this with ggplot2 with Cairo as the image library, so I don't have to rely on X11 for rendering and can crontab this.

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