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Big Three for September 3-7

Here we are, at it again. I'm writing down my Big Three tasks for the coming week. I think I'll admit the progress on the previous Big Three.

  • Main Work: This one is actually pretty good. I've had some feature requests and I'll get some more, but I have it in good condition. 
  • TEDx Web Development: Institutionally, we're starting to get together, which is good for the team. We're starting to recruit people to take on pieces. This is good. And I have tried to put a basic hello_world.cgi onto the Dev server, and it failed. This is ... well, at least I know. There's a code review process, so I have to start looking into the "who do I ask to get this going" problem to try to get server-side code on this project.
  • Food For The Heart: The group has made progress. There is a meeting with a possible funding source. There was a great meeting a week ago where our "Angels" told us what they need from us before they'll cut checks. In terms of institutional setup, I'm happy. But in terms of programmer work, we're not at a point where I can start doing anything.
So, that's my progress. So, what's my next set of goals?
  • Main Work: I had been planning on taking a PC and turning it into my Linux desktop, then taking my old Linux desktop and turning it into a Git server. On Thursday, I finally hit the point where I had time, and I made a bootable thumbdrive and everything. And today I find that something on my desktop is kicking out spam. So, this is the justification I needed to move forward. And, I need to look up firewalls and cfengine.
  • TEDx Web Development: There will of course be the process of finding the team. My #1 goal, though, is to think through the desired look and functionality.
  • Food For The Heart: I need to keep part of the business-building process, because that's the part I most need to learn. But, so I can keep my interest up, I'll probably try to make a location-based app of some sort, just to jump-start my skills on the subject.

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