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Love The Phone You're With

I used to be on Verizon, and when I was there, I had a Blackberry Pearl. I have to say, it's a swank phone. Never had an iPhone, so I don't know the full experience of the ultimate app-phone, so to me, the coolest phone I ever held is that Blackberry.

But that's not my phone anymore.

Right now, I carry a Samsung Instinct. It is not the phone I want. But it is the phone I have.

I am not a bleeding-edge wired individual, but I have been electronically connected for over 20 years. I'm wired and wireless and all that. And today, Google is the center of all connectivity. Between the phone and the provider, it was quick and painless to set up Google Voice as my voice mail, which is nice. Someone calls you and it translates it and sends it to you. That's sweet. Plus, web interface, which you don't have to deal with the confusing "If you want X, dial 4" stuff.

Google Mail was also an easy config. I do most of my GMail manipulation from Thunderbird via IMAP and between that and sorting, I've gone hog-wild for labels, but the mail interface is inbox-only. This just means I have to be more clear in sorting and filtering to make sure only what I want enters the inbox, but that's OK.

But that's it. I want to sync the on-board calendar with my Google Calendar, but it seems there's no connection capability. I learned the joy of having an online calendar when I worked for the clinic, but the calendar I had was the clinic's Exchange calendar, so I lost all my stuff when I left. The onboard calendar is pretty neat looking, but you can't have it synchronize with my main contacts list in Gmail. Yeah, there's a synch through Sprint, and that's fine. It means I can get my contacts back should I lose my phone, but that still means I manage them through on-screen one-handed typing rather than the full keyboard on my desktop.

I use XMPP, mostly through Google Talk, and the choices I have are AIM, Yahoo or MSN, and I went to GTalk to avoid those three. And there's no connection between my connections in GMail and my phone connections.

Plus, it uses a different power and connect cable than everything else I own, which I think use Micro-AB USB. The industry should unify on one.

But it is pretty, it has Bluetooth, it has a camera, it takes a microSD card, and it works just fine as a phone. It even works in the house, while K's phone kinda doesn't. There are elements I don't like about it, sure, but I do like it. I am decided in being happy with it.

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