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New Gear Day

There's one thing I find about being a geek, which is that when people who aren't geeks give up on trying to make a thing work, it gets passed on to me. Sometimes I can pass it on — a while ago, a rack-mount UPS got passed on to me, and today that UPS, that danged-heavy lead-filled monster, protects some servers that serve, among other things, the Purdue Perl Mongers site. Yayness.

The newest thing to land on my lap is, well, swank. An HP Pavilion Slimline. 320 GB SATA. 3GB memory. Dual-core processor. It's running Vista, which yeah, could be a blessing, could be a curse. We'll see. I have the technology to upgrade it to XP at will, and of course I can jump to Ubuntu. It's a tight little case, so not much room to upgrade. Seeing that it's far faster and better than anything sitting around the house, that should be no problem.

The problem it had in Mom's hands was that it couldn't keep connected to AOL. That will NOT become a problem with me.

I think I want to stick with Vista, though. At least at the moment. I am a big fan and user of Open Source software, but my user experience as a Unix guy has not really been strongly changed since I first started working with Unix in the mid-1990s. Unix, a shell (then tcsh, now bash), X, terms, and browsers. Vista is wildly different, and I think coming to terms with the differences, with what Vista has to offer. Similarly, I'd keep MacOSX around if it landed on my lap. This, more or less, is why I bought BeOS back in the day, to get another view on things.

So, we'll see. Thanks Ma!

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