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Memento Mori

I have a cast-away desktop machine I'm trying to patch into a vaguely useful machine for my son. I have a 40GB drive into it, which is a bit tiny — it's XP, so 10GB will be taken by the OS and programs before he even starts trying to use it — so I'm have been trying to slip in a second 40GB drive that came from a machine whose power supply died on him. But the number two drive is not working.

I'm not sure why. I'm mostly sure that it's a jumper setting, but to check it, I will put back the Zip drive I took out to makeo room.

I remember when I put stuff on ZIP drives, when they were a good alternative to CDROMs, which when burned were unchangable, and floppy discs, which were and are just too small. I remember how proud I was, how cool I thought I was when I installed a Zip drive onto my beater Celeron about a decade ago.

I was filling it up so there would be something on it when I tried to load it on that machine. I remember thinking that Zip drives had just massive amounts of space. First thing I tried to put on there would not fit. It was too big.

That's the way, isn't it? Time was, I thought a 1200-baud modem was fast, and now I want broadband. I was once satisfied with memory measured in Ks while now you want multiple Gs. And so it goes.

And if you'll excuse me, I have a computer to fix.

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