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Sprint Rant as Modem, pt 1 of ... 1

My home is a reasonably-networked environment. My work is a well-networked environment. I have a USB dingus that lets me link my Compaq Mini 110 to the Sprint phone network, but between my two computing environments, I don't need it very often.

K, on the other hand, has much more of a need for it. But it has not worked for her and her EeePC. Never has. It's gone back to the shop recently to get some work, but it's still flaky. I have just now downloaded the new Sprint SmartView software ...

I don't even get to get into it. I downloaded the newest version of SmartView, it grabbed newer drivers for the USB dingus, and now K can use the USB dingus to connect at Bill-Kurtis-like speeds. I was going to write down all my notes toward using her Samsung Rant as a modem, but the dingus works.

Don't you hate it when you're just about to get a nice hate-filled rant on and the thing just works?

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