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The Blog in Action

My boss has been working with Chart::Clicker. As you might know, I have blogged on the subject a bit. When he went searching for a solution for an issue he had, he went searching and guess what? He found the solution here on this blog. And I hadn't mentioned the blog to him before.

I'm sort of a big deal.

In fact, a Google Image Search shows (or at least showed on Feb 4, 2010) that my generated image is the #1 image.

Wow. That says something.

What it says is that anyone who would have given more than a little work with it would have gotten higher. I feel proud, but I've barely scratched the surface with this very powerful, very beautiful graphing tool. A very powerful and beautiful tool with near bupkis for documentation. The programmer has a site for the project, but while it has great pics, he has no sample code to show how that is generated. Which sucks.

Hey, go to a site called /var/log/rant, gotta expect a rant.

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