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I Like Chrome

And I think I'm about to switch from Firefox as my go-to browser.

I apt-get installed it a while ago, and Chrome's insistence on looking like Chrome when I wanted it to look and act like Ubuntu was an early problem. If I can't move a window like any other window, I can't use that window, and thus that program.

This was a problem until I realized you could tell it to use the system's Title Bar, which means when I double-clicked, it rolled up like any other window, and a right-click on the bar meant I could kick it to whatever virtual desktop I wanted. That was enough for me to take away most of my dislike.

But not all. I had been using Delicious as my online bookmarks storage. I had used Google Bookmarks before, but something kicked me off that a while ago. For the life of me, I cannot remember what. But I went to Delicious. Chrome doesn't sync with Delicious, but it does sync with Google Bookmarks. ::SHOCK!::

Delicious exports RSS. Chrome imports a special type of HTML. You need to convert. For this purpose, I wrote rss2bookmarks.

use 5.010 ;
use strict ;
use warnings ;
use XML::RSS ;

# USAGE: < input.rss > output.html

my %bookmarks ;

my $data ;
while (<STDIN>) { $data .= $_ }
my $rss = XML::RSS->new() ;
$rss->parse( $data ) ;

for my $item ( @{ $rss->{items} } ) {
my $title = $$item{title} ;
my $link = $$item{link} ;
$bookmarks{$title} = $link ;

say '#<DL><p>' ;
say ' <DT><H3>Bookmarks Bar</H3>' ;
say ' <DL><p>' ;
for my $bookmark ( sort keys %bookmarks ) {
my $link = $bookmarks{ $bookmark } ;
say qq{ <DT><A HREF="$link"> $bookmark </A>} ;
say ' </DL><p>' ;
say '</DL><p>' ;

Use it in good health.

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