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I am not lost. No, far from it.

There's this blog. If I do anything interesting, I by and large tend to blog about it. so looking through old posts will tell me the packages and fixes I need to get my environment back.

Then there's Dropbox. Dropbox is a means to create a shared directory betweeen all your machines. Shawn Powers of Linux Journal suggested putting your config files into your Dropbox so that you can keep a consistent setup. I read that too late, and I don't have that. But what I do have is a set of nightly ZIP files of certain essential bits. And that's good. But I'm thinking that, once this is done, I'll go all out and keep much more in Dropbox.

Also, between Delicious and Google Bookmarks for bookmarks, Google Calendar for events and Thunderbird and IMAP for mail, much of that crucual stuff was never on my desktop. But it does remind me of something: I was just thinking about mail filtering, because all my work filtering occurred through Thunderbird, and my .mozilla-thunderbird directory is now dead.

Wondering now to what extent git might've helped. I have a GitHub account, but I hardly use it. I had git installed, but I hardly used it. If I'm not connecting to an external repository on each save, I've really done little. Must use that more.

What kills me the most is that that I was working on breaking apart a big ugly Perl module into lots of little modules. On Stack Overflow, I referred to it as Dumb and in keeping with that, I had created Dumb::Database, Dumb::Markup and Dumb::Table1Access, but it was all only on my desktop, while if it was on the server it was intended for, my wipe wouldn't have destroyed anything.

Such is life. Ubuntu is installing the 9.04->9.10 upgrades to get me to the full Koala, so soon I shall start the moving-in process.

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