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I have a lot of problems with you bits!

I haven't yet removed the cut-tag style from this blog's default. It's a minor thing, but I nearly never write long enough to justify it, and there's no conditional.

My work machine doesn't start ssh, cups, cron or samba on startup, meaning I must do it manually, which sucks. Really considering a reinstall. Perhaps "planning" is a better word. Not having printing always is a bit annoying, and SMB networking is more a toy than a crucial item, but SSH is crucial to me, and cron is more so.

You see, I have a program called jBiff that tells me when important emails come, and that requires them to be scheduled via crontab. No cron, no messages, and I get people coming up to me saying "Did you get my email?" I hate being caught flat-footed in those situations. So, must reinstall to fix cron.

And my Samsung Instinct phone will not talk to Linux. That one's a bit beyond my ability to manipulate, I think.

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