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The Community is Solving My Problems!

The Stack Exchange Crew is pushing a few domain-specific Stack sites for beta-testing. The one I've been most involved in is the Ubuntu one. I had two specific problems which I think I have complained about there. The first is how, for no reason I could identify, I would lose the ability to view the contents of my ~ folder. The other is that I used to be able to connect my netbook's LINE OUT to my desktop's LINE IN and get both audio streams in one set of headphones.

The second one was the easiest. Simply using gst-launch to bridge the in and out of my desktop. I'm running media on my netbook right now, with my headphones plugged into my desktop. It was one simple apt-get install to implement.

The second one took a little more talking, but the top contender is that unstable symbolic links bringing down /usr/bin/ls but not /bin/ls, and my 12 sshfs mount points which I keep in /sshmounts to keep them where du won't search them, that's where the instability is. I'm waiting for the next time problems on my home box or one of the other mount points causes the problem again before I mark it answered, but I think it is.

I have logged into a few others, dealing with computer science and user interfaces, but Ubuntu is the one where I have had the most questions and found the most answers.

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