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Something Now Sucks Like A Vax

vax11 is a friend of mine. Well, acquaintance. I'm not sure that we shared words in the last three years. We used to be part of the local Linux Users Group together. I used to call his apartment the Museum for Retro-Computation. He thought the room we used for install-fests looked like NASA Mission Control circa Apollo, especially with all the monitors up, so he wore white short-sleeve shirts and skinny ties so he looked he belonged in NASA Mission Control circa Apollo. You can tell he's old-school by the fact his handle is vax11.

That's an image of his VT125 terminal, connecting to the VAX emulator on his HTC EVO phone, hanging from his VT125. Now, I'm a big geek — 6'4", 250lbs+, Plus all the coder, reads O'Reilly books for fun, read LoTR, saw Star Wars for his eighth birthday, owns a 20ft scarf stuff, has the Daredevil comic where Bullseye kills Elektra, blogs about frustration with electronic esoterica, etc — but this is way next level. Isn't it so cool?

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