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Quick Google Bookmarks Tutorial/Reminder

This is a question that came up on one of the new StackExchange betas, WebApps.
There appears to be two distinct sets of bookmarks maintained by Google. If you visit Google Notebook or Google Bookmarks you get one set. And if you sync Chrome accounts you get another. My question is: how can I get one set of bookmarks maintained on Google's web apps and through Chrome? I want to be able to access the bookmarks I have synced with Chrome from a web app when I'm using a public computer.
I answered it, but I'll hit the topic here, because I can.

This is Google Bookmarks. It seemed to be a response to Delicious, which turns the need for persistent and distributed bookmarks into a social media application. It wasn't imagined to be part of the browser. This was before Chrome was started, or at least before it was far along.

It was also before Google Docs was far along, because rather than working with Google Bookmarks, Google Chrome decided to work with Google Docs for bookmark storage. There's a folder under My Folders marked Google Chrome, which is where it stores your bookmarks.

So, guy on StackExchange, you CAN use a web app to access your bookmarks. It's just which one that's the question. And, for all the things you can say about Chrome, this feature, the easy integration of bookmarks syncing across platforms, is the one that sold me on Chrome. If all your bookmarks are in Google Bookmarks, it's dead easy to export them and import them into via your Bookmarks Manager.

Now, how do I sync bookmarks with a mobile Opera browser?

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