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Maybe quite obvious: using CGI to make a Javascript test page

I've been reading Javascript:The Good Parts on Safari, and looking through the code examples. When doing the same for Perl, I toss into an editor and add to it over and over. I suppose I could have a web page with an ever-growing SCRIPT section, but I had a more clever idea.

I made a CGI where the body is just a FORM with a TEXTAREA and a submit button, and I set it up so that when you clicked submit, the code is sent via POST (so you can be verbose) and put into the TEXTAREA and the SCRIPT block. I have a code sample, but it's as close to a textbook use of that I don't think there's much use to posting it.

And I could've put in a test.js and run spidermonkey, but it seems like you can't apt-get install it anymore. I've tried rhino, and just installed it again, but I didn't like it as much as spidermonkey. But if you're writing Javascript, you're likely coding for the web.