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Carrying Things...

Ever heard of the acronym EDC? It means Every Day Carry. It's my understanding that this specifically comes from people with concealed carry permits for handguns. If you need your gun enough to get a license to conceal it, you must need it every day, so thus ...

This is my phone. A Motorola K1M. I'm sure I got it free-to-cheap when I got it. It has a phone, a camera (both pics and vid), texting, an MP3 player. It holds a MicroSD card, so I can put things on it and take them off as needed. I rock Verizon, which means that they have it locked down so I can't do the kind of Bluetooth connection and phone-as-thumbdrive stuff that I would sincerely love to do.

My current plan/hope/dream is getting a Palm Pre, not because it's all cool and iPhone-y, but because I could (theoretically at this point) run it without changing services, and 2) because I could run abstract code (meaning code I write!) on it. Of course, that's theoretically true of the iPhone and Android. Of course, none of them are specifically coming to my provider, Verizon. This makes me sad.

The best piece of swag I ever got, a Leatherman Pulse. I use this all the time. There are better screwdrivers, better files, better pliers, better knives, better scissors, but it is useful to carry them all together all the time.

In my wallet, I carry many picks, from the Big Stubby to the Fender Medium. My favorite is the Clayton Gold, but you don't see them. My very very close second favorite is the Dunlop Ultex, the ones with the Rhino on them. To me, it's not a pick unless it's 1mm thick, and this is.

Little black spiral notebook. Spiral is good, because there's the space in the spiral to put the pen. Which is a Spiral G2 gel pen, which is the smoothest and coolest feeling pen I ever wrote with.

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