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I Am Curious (Yellow) ...

Or, rather, my monitor is.

Yellow, that is.

My Win7-running test PC has an AGP slot. I have never run anything in the AGP slot. I now remember why. Because it sucks. I'm running much better than 640x480. I'm fully capable of hitting 1600x1200. But in yellow.

Which is my hardware's fault, not Windows 7.

I'm thinking about a statement I once made. You don't need 3D acceleration to run a window manager. Yet.

It said it wants hardware acceleration to bring out all the glory and wonder that is the game Minesweeper. And again with Mahjong. Ye gods.

Well, my hardware is old and crappy. I know this. But I think that, when we start considering 3D graphics for the window manager, I should stand athwart yelling stop.

Until, of course, I get better hardware and get Compiz running.

Also, should we start calling it Windows System Seven?

Aww. Why not?

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