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Making Plans...

This is a fairly random and disconnected post, more me making notes to prioritize my week's computing than anything else. This is part of the reason nobody reads this blog. B)

1) I'm liking trash-cli. I just emptied my trash can with empty-trash for the first time. I am considering adding it to my crontab, either daily or weekly. Thanks to my huge disk at home, space concerns are no longer urgent, though.

2) Must find a source package for the Gnome Window Selector, as Window Selector is the only thing I know of that knows the currently focused window. Once I have that power, I can combine it with wmctrl to gain WinSplit-like powers.

No wonder Randall Schwartz calls himself Merlyn. No wonder the book on early computer networking is called Where Wizards Stay Up Late. Programming is like magic, and when you have the source, you can add spells to your spellbook and change them to make them more powerful.

3) Planning a complete restart to my CSociety web page. Archiving the old stuff right now.

4) R. Also copying a huge data set to the local machine right now. Genomics data be huge. Part of my next trick is to graph contigs, and I'd rather have Perl do as little as possible in that process.

5) Remember last year how this guy made a Perl script to display the current weather on an HP printer? Purdue Weather is a twitter feed I put together that works from the same data. I'm the only follower of the feed, which seems like a shame. I'll have to talk about it here sometime, now that I have syntax highlighting together.

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