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Contemplating My Desktop...

Not on the computer. Under the computers.

I have an L-shaped desk with a hutch at home. The hutch has a monitor-shaped spot that's actually too small for either of my two monitors. I have two tower machines connected via KVM and a laptop that's busted. I also have two monitors, both of which are huge CRTs that monopolize the space. Currently, my #1 machine has sat in the hutch with the flatbed scanner, but with the arrival of my new gear, it has become my #2 machine, and the 1/8"-to-RCA cable connected to my stereo can't reach my #1. So, there has to be a change.

  • Robbie (new #1)
    • Ubuntu
    • Much disc
    • Much DVD for burn and rip
    • Much processor. Well, 2.26GHz, which is faster than everything else I have
    • Want: 2GB memory, dual-head video card, TV tuner card so I watch on that, not a separate TV, LCD monitors

  • Tom Servo (new #2)
    • Ubuntu, for now
    • Not much disc
    • Much DVD but I think it's done burning
    • Soon to be my sacrificial, "I wonder how to install this..." machine
  • Maria
    • XP
    • Much RAM
    • Much DVD for reading but I think it can only burn CDs
    • Broken monitor. Strongly considering using it only remotely, via Remote Desktop, or...
    • Going to be receiving SSH for Windows soon. I wonder of you can use SSHFS to copy files to it. FuseSMB seems to not be a heavy-use alternative.

Also, there's a TV. With the speaker broken the last time I looked inside to try to fix the built-in VCR.

There's more, of course, but not on my desk.

So, my plan is as follows: laptop and scanner into the hutch,

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