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Using trash...

How easy is it?

sudo apt-get install trash-cli

Just that easy. Isn't Ubuntu wonderful?

The commands?

trash — Throw that file away.

list-trash — Show what's in the trash directory.

restore-trash — Take something out of the trash directory.

empty-trash — Finally toss that stuff away.

As a suspicion, I guess I will never really use the last three, the graphical equivalent being enough for me, but killing files? That's always been a command-line thing for me.


  1. Please note that the version of trash-cli provided with Ubuntu (and Debian) are outdate. To install the latest version use:

    sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
    sudo easy_install trash-cli

  2. Just ever-so-slightly more difficult. Two simple commands for a bash shell instead of one. But thank you. I'll keep trying it.