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Updating and Upgrading ...

I pulled a drive off my shelf today, looking for some screws. 4000 MB. 4GB. I remember when I thought that was huge.

I just put a 500GB hard drive into one of my machines. Also a DVD(plus/minus)R burner. I am currently in the final stages of using one to install Ubuntu 8.10 onto the other. I also vacuumed a gob of dust bunnies out of the case. It is almost done. After that comes the upgrading, the network configuration, and perhaps the creation of other accounts so the kids can use it, too. Or maybe not. I have a stack of MP3-containing CD-ROMs, so I am very sure, very very very sure that I could get to 100GB easy.

In fact, it is now done. And I'm logged in. And I have nothing but a white pointer on a black background. I don't have sshd installed, so I can't get in any other way.

Well, actually, I can.

Reboot, CTRL-ALT-F1 at the GDM screen, and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade . And if it doesn't work, I burn another copy and try it again. Or try OpenSolaris or FreeBSD. I'm not paranoid enough for OpenBSD.

At least not for that box.

On the big box, I have desktop! I guess that means that the default set on the 8.10 install disk kinda sucks.

I'm now re-upgrading the thing with Synaptic. I'm also putting all my media on it with scp. Tonight, everything on the other machines. Later, all the stuff I burned to CD to save space.

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