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Considering del ...

Here is a shell-script replacement for rm. As you know, rm just kills a file or directory outright. Often this is what we want. But every windowing system I know uses an intermediate Trash Can, a place to store your deleted files in case you say "No, I really wanted that directory full of L0Lcats".

So, the question is, how do I get that functionality in your command line? They call it del, but I prefer trash, as del on Windows doesn't put it in the Trash Can, it blows it away.

Anyway, the code:

# !/bin/bash
mv -vi -- "$@" $HOME/.Trash

Problems. When I tried this, the file was moved to .Trash, because there was no .Trash dir. Why was there no .Trash dir? Because with Ubuntu Intrepid (and I have no idea when things changed), the Trash dir is $HOME/.local/share/Trash/. Specifically, there's $HOME/.local/share/Trash/files/, which holds the actual files and directories, and $HOME/.local/share/Trash/info/.

Let me show you a sample *.trashinfo file.

[Trash Info]

For each file and directory in the files directory, there's a .trashinfo file saying when it was deleted and where it restores to. So, obviously, the del/trash script is not up to the task of today's Gnome trashing. But what to do about it? More later, as I consider the problem set.