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Walking through a new application...

Ever heard of Winsplit Revolution? It's a downright cool tool that automatically places your windows. Coding Horror pushed it, and I've since found it very useful, especially on the 24+" monitors at the former workplace.

But now I work on Ubuntu machines. And I get big, confused window placement. But I see a way out.

  • Consider Window Selector. You can know what the current window in focus is.
  • Consider wmctrl. You can tell it to move or resize a window, and it does it. From the command line, so it might as well be from anywhere.
  • You can bind keys to functions. That's easy.

    So, given that each of these things is doable, it should be doable to take A) the current window in focus and B) tell Gnome (or rather Metacity, or whatever WM you use within reason) to move and resize a window to this corner by C) hitting a certain key combination.

    But I do not, as of yet, know how to make this happen. But I will post here as I learn.
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