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Big Three for August 27-31

  1. TEDx Web Development: I do web for TEDxPurdueU and so far, that has meant maintenance work. I need to get in front of it, come up with an alternate look, and go from there, so we can toss the old and embrace the new. So, specifically, I want to have a front page that demonstrates my desired look. Plus, clear out backlog, and know to what extent we can run dynamic pages on the server.
  2. Food For The Heart: This is the "Do that work" mentioned in the previous. I have taken the visual plan from whiteboard to static HTML prototype. I need to look up and use an icon set, sprite or font, set it up for Bootstrap, and add some features.
  3. Main Work: I am convinced that my API design is stupid and needs redesign. I have moved the application code for APR into libraries, so I can change config in the main page and easily move between test and production. I need to move all the output from several pages to one, where the caller object says "operator_list" to the API core to get data rather than looking to ajax_operator_list.cgi
If you see me, feel free to ask me how I'm doing on my Big Three.

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