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So, I taught Javascript on Saturday

I taught Javascript to a class of three young adults and four adults on Saturday, as part of a hackathon for Lafayette Tech. Food was provided in the afternoon by Bruno's Pizza, and it was tasty.

I'd show you my slides, but the value is somewhat slight, because of two issues. First, I get more nervous the more tightly I prepare a presentation, which means that, for me, it is best if I just have a few slides to remind me where I am. Second, I used impress.js and abused the awesome power of 3D visualization. I will use it again, and next presentation will be better thought out.

I found out about jsBin, which I will use again if I ever have a class on Javascript again. Jack Stuckey pointed me to it, and to some code which created a box and moved a ball around it. I made the ball into a ball object and made a ball object maker, pushed the objects into an array, and moved the balls around. I really think I'm not far from turning this into a Javascript implementation of Asteroids.

I think the cool move would be to port this to Processing.js.

Anyway, thanks to all who attended, and I hope you learned much.

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